Why FlexFridge

FlexFridge is an all-in-one portable fridge and freezer cooling system useful in the medical field, military, government, corporate, and food processing and delivery industries.

FlexFridge Powerful Cooling

The FlexFridge portable smart fridge is the most remarkable powered cooler we’ve ever made. It has dual-zone compartments for cooling and freezing functions. It is foldable for easy transport and storage. 

Medical Industry

Medical Industry

If you run or manage an establishment that offers healthcare services, it is essential to have the appropriate equipment to be efficient. These establishments can be a pharmacy, doctor’s clinic, or a testing laboratory. In some cases, you may be storing vaccines or particular medicines that require a specific holding temperature. Thus, a mobile smart fridge is necessary. 
Ensure proper and safe storage of your vaccines and medications with FlexFridge. This portable fridge makes a hassle-free transport of these medicines and maintains their efficiency. Save a life by securely transporting necessary medical items such as blood, organs, and specimens from one hospital facility to another in case of emergencies. FlexFridge medical fridge has adjustable precise thermoregulation suitable for critical perishable items. It is integrated with a mobile app software interface to monitor and control the fridge temperature, among many other added features. You can preserve organic compounds by placing them on the freezer compartment of the mobile fridge.

Food Delivery Service Business

Proper food storage is essential during transportation. In transporting and delivering any food product, keeping it fresh makes all the difference. FlexFridge’s commercial fridge has a compact cooling capacity to help you keep your food delivery services efficient and convenient. Its 8-hour battery life allows you to travel and deliver goods even in places that are kilometers away. 

Food Processing Enterprises

Food Processing Enterprises

The food processing business is crucial in many ways. A small mistake can cause contamination and poisoning, which could affect many people. Refrigerating food products help to slow the growth of microorganisms and avoid food-borne illnesses.
We designed FlexFridge mobile fridge to be appropriate to your food processing and storage needs. It has an adjustable temperature and settings to cool any type of food efficiently. Say goodbye to food spoilage and start storing your food products conveniently through the FlexFridge portable cooling system.

Government and Corporate Organizations

The number of government and corporate employees working in the offices is usually overwhelming, taking a toll on the office’s facilities and resources. And perhaps you know how difficult it is to keep everybody’s food organized in one colossal fridge. You’ll end up having a lot of abandoned unfinished drinks or a slice of cake left open in the refrigerator for a week. It can be disgusting and adds to your tasks as the office manager. Avoid the hassle of frequently calling maintenance to clean the pantry by providing compact portable FlexFridge units in the office and conveniently place them at each office department.
It has an easy-to-use handle and wheels, making the fridge just what you need. With FlexFridge, say goodbye dealing with refrigerated pits of plastic bags and unfinished sodas.



The military is one of the foundations and highly-critical organizations in the world. With their military training, operations, humanitarian, and disaster relief duties, they travel to different places bringing mission-critical items to areas affected by the calamity, accidents, and other rescue situations. FlexFridge vaccine fridge helps the military secure their essential goods and deliver them perfect quality to people in the rural regions. It can also be used as a convenient way to enjoy cold drinks and food after long days of duty. 

Everyone Else

Whether you are regularly throwing barbeques or want to keep your beverages and food cold, FlexFridge has you covered. It has four cubic feet of storage, which helps you keep everyone in your deck, kitchen, garage, or man-cave hydrated and refreshed. You can’t decide where to put it? You can wheel it around the house and move wherever you want it.