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FlexFridge is an excellent option as it is portable and handy, making it convenient to keep products cool. It is the perfect portable fridge designed to cater to different industries’ cooling needs and sectors like food, healthcare, military, and government.
Portable Durable Smart Fridge

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With FlexFridge smart fridge, you get a combination of portability, convenience, and efficiency. The portability of our smart fridge includes having a chiller and a freezer in one innovation. It has features to support hassle-free movability, a melt-free refrigerator, and an ice-free freezer in one excellent design. Having FlexFridge in your industry means enjoying more great times in providing quality products and goods to customers, patients, and clients, whether you are in the food industry, healthcare, government, or military. Having such a dynamic commercial fridge creates a worry-free environment for the workplace.

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About FlexFridge

FlexFridge started as a school project. But in 2011, Dr. Shaun Passley, while studying for his Master’s Degree in Product Design and Development at Northwestern University, thought of redefining the concept and creating what has initially been just a school project. The initial project feedback was great, but the product needed more innovation before it was ready for public use. After Dr. Passley finished his Master’s degree, he took FlexFridge a step higher and improved its designs and functions. He created a team of innovators and patented the FlexFridge design. With the help of online investors, the group dedicated to research and time to make the high functioning portable cooling machine, the FlexFridge version2.0.

The newest version of FlexFridge portable mini-fridge will sport four-cubic feet of storage, has a foldable design, and is integrated with wheels for convenient transport, among many upgraded features. 

FlexFridge Features

Using the FlexFridge smart cooling system is an excellent way to store and transport medical essentials that need precise thermoregulation. You can securely mount FlexFridge compact fridge on a motorbike to deliver vaccines, organic specimens, blood samples, blood components, and many more to hard-to-reach towns. FlexFridge smart fridge best for storing and transporting goods and products while traveling. This smart fridge provides you with the following features for utmost use and advantage: 

FlexFridge Features
  • Outer Camera for environment recording
  • Inner Camera for food Inspection
  • MP3/MP4 Player with Speaker
  • GPS tracking powered by an independent battery
  • Temperature Controller
  • Battery Monitoring System
  • Electromagnetic Door Lock
  • Short-Range and long-Range distance Wireless Communication with the user
  • USB Charging Ports
  • Mobile application to control the features of the smart fridge
  • Retractable handle and back wheels
  • Folding sidewalls
  • DC input and on-board 8 hr battery pack
  • Total of 4 cubic feet storage, 15% of it serves as a freezer
  • One (1) dividing shelf in the portable fridge compartment
  • Interior LED lighting
  • Locking door and durable metal and fiberglass construction
  • Maximum refrigeration temperature of up to 50 degrees F (10°C)
  • Cools to a minimum freezing temperature of 27 degrees F (-3°C)
FlexFridge Features

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FlexFridge portable cooling system is a piece of revolutionary equipment that allows you to bring along your fridge wherever you go. You can learn more about its features, functions, and practical use in your daily business operations here in our blogs.


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FlexFridge is the best portable cooling option to help healthcare, military, government, and food industries provide the best services to their patients and clients. The designed innovative features and mobile application of the smart portable fridge cater to every sector’s cooling needs conveniently and efficiently!

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