Why FlexFridge

Whether you run a business or own a medical institution, FlexFridge will help your organization deliver efficient and effective products stored and preserved in a portable smart mini-freezer and fridge in one.

FlexFridge Powerful Cooling

The FlexFridge portable smart mini fridge is the most remarkable powered cooler we’ve ever made. It has dual-zone compartments for cooling and freezing functions. It is foldable for easy transport and storage. It has ample space to chill or freeze food, drinks, and even medical essentials such as medicines, blood, or vaccines that need require freezing temperatures.


If you are running a business, you know how difficult it can be to keep everybody’s food organized in one colossal fridge. You’ll end up having a lot of abandoned unfinished drinks or a slice of cake left open in the refrigerator for a week. It can be disgusting and adds to your tasks. Avoid the hassle by having a couple of FlexFridges in the office and quickly place them somewhere convenient to you and your staff. 
It has an easy-to-use handle and wheels, allowing you to transfer the fridge wherever it needs to be. With FlexFridge, say goodbye dealing with refrigerated pits of plastic bags and unfinished sodas.


Hotels rooms can’t be without fridges. Renting out old mini-fridges to guests can be a huge hassle, and keeping these fridges in every room is expensive. With FlexFridge, you can avoid all these pains and keep some mini-fridges ready at the front desk for guest use. Guests can easily wheel the fridges up themselves, so you won’t have to worry about storing them in unused rooms. It drains your company utilities and your finances. With FlexFridge, you can have fast, easy, and portable cooling systems – just the way you and your guests like it! 

Medical Use

Hospitals, medical laboratories, and other healthcare institutions will benefit from FlexFridge portable smart mini-fridge. The FlexFridge equipment can store critical medical supplies, including medicines, vaccines, specimens, organic parts, blood samples, blood components, and many more items that need cold temperatures. 

Everyone Else

Whether you are regularly throwing barbeques or want to keep your beverages and food cold, FlexFridge has you covered. It has four cubic feet of storage, which helps you keep everyone in your deck, kitchen, garage, or man-cave hydrated and refreshed. You can’t decide where to put it? You can wheel it around the house and move wherever you want it.