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Why FlexFridge?

Whether you’re a business, hotel, college student, or outdoor-party-throwing legend, we think you’ll find FlexFridge perfectly suits your needs.




If you’re running a business, you know how much of a pain it can be to keep everybody’s food organized in one huge fridge. Avoid the hassle by throwing a couple of FlexFridges in the office and experiment with placement.


With it’s easy-to-use handle and wheels, you can easily find the perfect refrigerator feng-shui. No more refrigerated pits of plastic bags and unfinished sodas to deal with.



Renting out old mini fridges to guests can be a huge hassle, and keeping fridges on in every room is expensive. With FlexFridge, you can avoid the headache altogether. Just keep some FlexFridges ready at the front desk for guest use. Guests can easily wheel the fridges up themselves, and you won’t have to worry about rooms filled with unused mini-fridges draining your company wallet. It's fast, easy, and affordable: just the way your guests like it.


College Students:


If you’re moving into a dorm soon, you’re probably going to need a mini fridge. Why not buy yourself the VIP status for the events and parties happening in your dorm? Everybody loves cold drinks. With FlexFridge, you’ll never be short on them. Wheel the FlexFridge over to other peoples’ rooms for a late night hangout. Roll it out to the quad and have a picnic. Throw the restaurant leftovers in the FlexFridge you kept in your car’s trunk. However you use it, you’ll be the go-to guy or girl for keeping stuff cold.


Everyone Else:


Whether you’re regularly throwing barbecues or just love keeping things cold, FlexFridge has you covered. With its 4 cubic feet of storage, the FlexFridge can keep your deck, kitchen, garage, or man-cave hydrated and refreshed. If you can’t decide where you want it, no worries! Just wheel it around the house. It’s built to move wherever you want it to.