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FlexFridge redesigns its newest version of the portable mini fridge and provides businesses with durable, foldable, and affordable smart fridges for their perishable and sensitive goods.

Our History

FlexFridge, created in 2011, was initially a school project. While studying for a Masters of Product Design and Development at Northwestern University, the founder Shaun Passley Ph. D., helped create and refine this mini smart fridge. Back then, the initial product’s feedback was great but needed more improvement before public use. So, as soon as Dr. Passley graduated, he decided to take further steps to improve the foldable fridge’s features and design. In 2015, Dr. Passley created a team of innovators and patented the Flexfridge. Having the same goal and concept in mind, they altogether dedicated their time to research the necessary features needed to develop a high-performance mini smart fridge ready to serve the market.

About us

Who We Are

FlexFridge is an innovative mini smart fridge that aims to provide convenience to businesses, medical industries, and many more. FlexFridge is continuously innovating and upgrading its functions and features to suit perfectly to its ever-changing customer needs.

The newest version of FlexFridge boasts four cubic feet of storage, a foldable design, back wheels for easy transportation, and more. FlexFridge portable cooling system is the future of storing food, drinks, and medicine. It can hold vaccines, including the COVID-19 vaccine kits, and transport them to far-flung areas. Its compact design makes it easy to mount on a motorbike and deliver healthcare essentials to remote areas. Truly, it is a revolutionary innovation.

FlexFridge, Inc. is confident about what the mini portable freezer can do, but It can’t do it alone. It still needs more support from online investors like you to help bring the new version of FlexFridge to life and distributed worldwide. With everybody’s help, the FlexFridge can become a reality and reach places.

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FlexFridge portable smart mini fridge and freezer in one preserves the condition and the quality of essential items stored in it. Deliver important medicines or vaccines to hard-to-reach areas in your town.

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