Prepare Your Fridge for Holiday Travel

Dec 6

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Tips for your fridge

Unplug if You’re Leaving for a Long Time.  This saves energy and electricity. Your fridge will keep running even if you aren’t using it.

Good Time to Clean.  Cleaning out old food isn’t fun, but no one wants to come home from vacation to something funky in the fridge.  Try and clean it out a few days before you leave. Also, make sure any spills are cleaned so they won’t leave a residue; this gives mold a chance to grow.

Check Expiration Dates. Before going to holidays, you should check what stays home and what comes to you. To decide this, check the expiration date: foods that last longer can stay; those that cannot should come with you in a cooler or a portable mini fridge.

Perishables: Take Them with You!  The vegetables and fruit are some strong candidates to accompany you on your travels; you can prepare cups of fruit and a mixed salad in a tightly sealed storage container!

Tightly Packed Meats. If you’re going to be gone a while, it’d be best to get rid of any opened meats. If not, the best way to store them is in air tight plastic bags. The closer to ‘vacuum sealed’, the better.

The top shelf of the refrigerator: the cold is there. If you want to keep cans, ketchup, eggs, cold cuts ... the shelves above your refrigerator are the ones that keep cooler.

Get Rid of Odors. With half a lemon in your fridge, you can eliminate odors. If you’re worried the lemon will spoil, try a small bowl of baking soda.


In the freezer

Obviously, things in the freezer can last a lot longer than those in the fridge. But it helps to do a quick sweep before heading out.

Yogurts. You can put them in the freezer, and when you come back you have a sweet treat to meet you!

Homecoming Meal. Nothing is worse than having to come home from vacation and cook. To save money, keep a ready-made meal in the freezer to eat when you return. This is cheaper than ordering out and easier than cooking.

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