7 Food Essentials for Your Fridge

Nov 14

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There’s nothing worse than when it’s dinnertime and there is nothing in your fridge. Ordering out is expensive and adds up after a while. To keep this from happening to you, make sure you shop a little more consciously on your next trip. And don’t forget these essentials to have stocked in your fridge! Even the most inexperienced chef can create something good to eat with these go-to foods.

What things should you always have in your fridge?

Fruits & Veggies

Although it may not be foods you want to eat, fruits and vegetables are good for you and can keep in the fridge for a while. Not all last long, however. The best ones to have would be things like apples, oranges, onions, potatoes, celery, pomegranates, garlic. Even things like lemons and limes; you may not eat them whole but they can easily flavor other dishes or be put in water to add more flavor.

If you’re not sure how long it can be fresh, check out this printable guide on how long your produce can last you.


Butter makes everything better. Great for adding to a meal, baking or just spreading on your morning toast. Its versatility is what makes it essential. Plus, butter can be stored for long period of time in the fridge or even frozen. If your diet restricts butter, margarine spread works the same and can sometime last even longer than dairy butter.


It may seem strange, but meat provides lots of protein. Even if the only place you can cook is in a microwave, many places offer preheat ready meals portions. For example, precooked sausages that can be reheated or rotisserie chicken cooked in your local market. If cooking is less your style, then cold cut lunch meats are the way to go. Sandwiches are a great and easy option for quick meals.


Going along with your sandwich, you may want a little spice to go along with it. Things like sriracha, ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise are great to go along with meals. This would also include great snack dips or meal additives; things like pesto, hummus, guacamole, salsa, even salad dressings. The possibilities are endless. And all of these can easily be added to meals as sides or eaten on their own as snacks. Always make room in your fridge for condiments, whether it be bottles or the small packets that you stole from the restaurant.


Though butter was mentioned on its own, other dairy products are good necessities to have in your fridge. Yogurt is a great way to start the day, milk is a healthy drink and cheese can help you make the easiest sandwich. Dairy products can be great for you. But again, if your diet restricts dairy opt for some healthy alternatives. Soy or almond milks are good for you and definitely better to add to coffee than processed creamers.


What’s a meal without carbs? Whether for making sandwiches or toast, bread can be a great addition to your fridge essentials. Loaves of bread can cause an issue with spacing if you’re using a mini fridge. A good substitute? Tortillas. They taste the same as bread when uncooked and unseasoned, and their flat design makes them easier to store than a whole loaf. Flexible foods are good but flexible fridges work better. If possible, find a fridge that gives optimal storage and other features that are best for your needs.


Hydration is key. Nothing is better, in both feeling and wellness, than having a nice cold glass of water. Water is good for you and can be kept for a very long time. There is really no expiration date for it, especially when using a filtration pitcher. If you’re at a university and using a mini fridge, it might be best to stick with bottles. Space may be limited but water is something to make room for.

Your fridge essentials are 100% based on your preferences. Maybe you need more bread than you do meat, or you prefer cheese sticks to apple slices. Whatever your desire, be sure to keep your mini fridge well stocked and well cleaned to keep food from spoiling.

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