Mini Refrigerators for Camping

Nov 14

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Camping is a tradition in many families and eating along the way is part of the fun. If you're looking for a new and innovative way to bring along food on your next trip, think about portable mini fridges. New designs make them just right for getting away to nature.

Whether you’re an avid camper or a newbie, everyone knows that bringing food is a necessity. And while coolers are great for a while, they require ice to keep them frosty. And melted ice can lead to soggy food later on.

A new way to consider bringing provisions is a portable mini fridge. It sounds crazy, but newer models make it easier to bring these along on your trips. Here are some ways that portable mini fridges can be better than coolers:



Coolers can be big and clunky. And once they’re filled with food and ice, they become pretty heavy. Portable mini fridges may sound the same but many have easily maneuverable wheels and handles to bring your meals wherever you want to go.



These fridges are built tough. Hard exteriors that can handle the terrain you’re trekking through. Not to mention the locking doors that some models have. FlexFridge, for example, has a locking door to keep food cold and critters out. It also has movable pieces to give you as much or as little space as you need.



Here is where many people are asking ‘How can I take a mini fridge if I won’t be near an outlet?’ The rules have changed with mini fridges. They have built in batteries that can last up to eight hours. That’s eight hours of food storage no matter where you go. These fridges also have designated freezer space; giving you the option to bring any kind of meal to cook over your campfire.

Camping is a long standing tradition for a lot of families and combined with new innovations, you can spend more time enjoying the great outdoors and less worrying about food. Mini fridges can be the next step in feeding you while you feed your need to explore. 


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