Order in your mini fridge is the key to food safety

Aug 30

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Low temperature can preserve food for longer periods of time. If we defrost the frozen products properly, the properties of the product will be maintained well. But for this, proper storage of food, includes the organization and regular monitoring, is essential. As in the case of the pantry and mini fridge, the food we intend to freeze must be rotated to distinguish those that have been frozen first and those that have been stored later. Here’re some tips on how to organize the food in your mini fridge:


Low temperatures (-18 ° C is the temperature at which bacterial growth is almost impossible) makes bacteria or mold that may be present in foods remain inactivated. But it should be noted that, although the low temperature stops the metabolism of microorganisms, it doesn’t eliminate them, therefore, low temperature is not a sanitizing factor such as intense heat.


Organizing the freezer


Making your mini fridge neat and clean is one of the main ways to keep food safer. It is important not to neglect it and avoid having it as a simple store where products are out of order.


· The freezer tray is suitable for ice buckets and other small flat products.


· The top drawer can be used to store the more common products since it is the most accessible.


· The lower drawers can be used to store food for later use.


· The bags or airtight containers are used to prevent food from drying out.


· Put a label outside of the bag of the food with the name and the expired date, so it can be read easily.


· Food groups: fish, meat, poultry or vegetables.


· Freeze in portions or amounts that you will use at one time.


· Cooked foods are stored in an airtight container once they are cooled. No hot food, otherwise, you’ll put other frozen foods at risk.


· It is important to prevent ice from forming on the walls of the mini fridge as the cold correct transmission will be prevented, with consequent negative effects on food. To do this, open the door only when necessary and check that the tires are in good condition.


· The mini fridge should be reviewed periodically to remove any food that may have been damaged or expired.


Although the storage times vary depending on the quality of the food, fresh poultry can be preserved 1 to 2 days; salads, 3 to 5 days; and cooked foods, 3 to 4 days.

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