The cold, a great ally of food

Aug 22

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Low temperature is one of the most powerful tools we have to control the possible development of microorganisms in food. The cold, besides slowing or stopping the chemical reactions of food spoilage, preserves its quality and nutrition as well. Its effectiveness depends largely on the quality of the mini refrigerator and the correct conservation standards we maintain.


The key


Despite of the benefits of low temperature in the field of food preservation, we must keep in mind that it is not active against different types of microorganisms, like heat. It does not destroy but, in most cases, stops or slows their growth and development. Freezing neither eliminates microbes (there may be some mortality but not significantly) nor paralyzes their growth; when warmer intermediate temperatures are reached, development resumes and microorganisms increases dangerously.


What to keep?


Most raw foods such as meat, seafood, fresh cheeses milk or cold cuts are especially susceptible to attack by microorganisms that will alter its taste or smell. These are called perishable foods. To prevent the growth of microorganisms, it is necessary to keep these products at low temperatures.


Food preparations that will not be consumed directly are also perishable, so it should be kept well refrigerated or frozen.


The eggs should also be kept refrigerated. In addition to significantly improving their conservation life, the possible development of undesirable microorganisms is largely avoided.


Pasteurized products have a very short shelf life and require refrigeration as well. By contrast, sterilized food can be stored at room temperature, but once opened the package must be refrigerated.




The distribution of food within the chambers is another important factor: according to the different compartments and temperature for the conservation of various foods to find the most suitable storage areas. It must be stored in such a way as to avoid contamination between different products by direct contact or drip. It’s also very important to wrap the food in plastic wrap or aluminum foil containers, which retains their properties better.


It is preferable to place relatively dry foods at the top, reducing the risk of cross contamination drip. It is much important to remove the parts of food that can be a source of contamination, for example possible soil at the roots of the leeks or non-edible parts of fish or chicken.


Under normal conditions, the refrigerator will vary depending on the different zones between 1 - 4 ° C (+/- 1 ° C) and the freezer is always below zero, - 18 ° C, to keep frozen products.




1. No hot food in the refrigerator, as the temperature rises dangerously and may even damage the system.

2. Should not overload the cold storage because this would prevent the cold air to circulate freely and be distributed evenly.

3. Don’t leave the appliance door open longer than necessary.

4. Keep the trays and containers filled with ice because it improves the freezer performance.


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The cold is an ally of good food. In modern technology the cold is an indispensable help to produce quality freezer.

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The cool, other than moderating or ceasing the substance responses of nourishment deterioration, saves its value and sustenance too. Its viability depends to a great extent on the nature of the little cooler and the right protection gauges we keep up.

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The cold is an ally of good food. In modern technology the cold is an indispensable help to produce quality freezer

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