Packing a Picnic

Jun 6

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FlexFridge on a Beach

So you’re going on a picnic. You’ve got your friends or family by your side, a nice hilltop picked out, your FlexFridge mini fridge ready to go. The question remains: what should you bring? What can you shove in that portable fridge of yours to make this picnic the best it can be?

We’ve put together a list of picnic essentials, so you don’t have to worry about it! Follow this list, and you’ll have a mini fridge packed with the best picnic of your life.


The picnic classic: a surefire way to make your outdoor eating experience as fulfilling as possible. Take a poll of the group beforehand—sandwiches bring out everybody’s picky eater—and get a list of what everybody wants. Turkey, ham, salami, chicken, tuna, peanut butter, grilled cheese…the list of possibilities is endless. Sandwiches are the basis of any great picnic, so don’t skimp on them!


Nothing says American picnic like chips. Chips come in all sorts of flavors, so feel free to pack a few bags! Barbecue, cheddar, original, sour cream and onion—no matter which flavors you go with, you’ll be glad to have something to munch on. Don’t limit yourself to “chips,” though! Other side snacks will work just as well: pretzels, Chex Mix, or cheese puffs are all encouraged.


Everybody likes fruit! What better place than outdoors to enjoy grapes or watermelon? Bananas or mango? Variety is part of what makes packing a picnic so fun, so feel free to mix it up. Starfruit anybody? Why not! The picnic goes as far as your imagination, so get to the produce section ASAP.


We’re talking soda. We’re talking lemonade. We’re talking juice for the kids and beer for the adults. The FlexFridge lets you fit them all in a nice, cold, refrigerated package. Just throw a few of each drink into the fridge and wheel it out with your non-picnic-basket-burdened hand. Don’t be the person who forgot to bring drinks out on a sunny day!


Like sandwiches, no picnic is complete without a nice, crisp side salad. There’s no need to settle for a standard green salad, though. Mix it up with some pasta or broccoli salad. Bring a few recipes for everybody to try. At the very least, nobody can say you didn’t bring enough food! Throw your prepared salads into the FlexFridge to keep them fresh. The picnic-goers will thank you.

Ice Cream:

What’s that? Ice Cream on a picnic? Won’t it melt? Not in a FlexFridge it won’t! The FlexFridge has a freezer section, which means that all of the frozen treats you want to bring are finally up for grabs. Throw in some popsicles, ice cream sandwiches, or an entire tub of icecream. Don’t worry, your FlexFridge can fit it all!

No matter what you pack for your picnic, remember to enjoy the outdoors. That’s one of the best parts of FlexFridge—you won’t need to head back inside every time you want something from the fridge. It’ll wheel anywhere. Happy Summer, and get outside!


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