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May 27

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Features of FlexFridge

If you’ve read the feature list of the FlexFridge, you’re hopefully as excited as we are about getting it produced as we are. Each feature brings some awesome potential to all sorts of people, so we thought we’d go down the list—feature by feature—and find out what exactly there is to love about the FlexFridge. We can’t wait to get to work on production, so spread the word on our crowdfunding project and get FlexFridge noticed!


The Handle and Wheels

This is a huge part of what makes the FlexFridge the FlexFridge. The handle and wheels mean that you get the size and shape of a traditional mini-fridge with complete portability. Whether you’re camping, going to the beach, or moving into the dorms, the FlexFridge’s wheels can take all your drinks their safely and coolly.


Folding Side Walls

This is the defining factor in the FlexFridge. Refriderators—even mini ones—take up a bunch of space. While this is fine when they’re regularly used, the trip to the attic or basement might be a different story. Foldability is an awesome feature that will let the FlexFridge fit in a closet, under a dorm bed, or into an over-packed garage.


8 Hours of Battery Life

This is what takes the FlexFridge from nifty to flat-out useful. There’s no need to pack a cooler anymore. Just keep your drinks in the fridge, and when you’re ready to go you can wheel it out. A rechargeable battery means you can take your fridge anywhere and expect it to work just as well as it will at home. Plus, with up to eight hours, your stuff will stay cold, no matter where you’re going.


Interior LED Lighting

It wouldn’t be a refrigerator without a light! The LED light lets people grab whatever they need, even at night! No more fishing around for ice in the dark.


A Freezer Section

Ice cream on the beach, anybody? The FlexFridge’s freezer section opens up an entire world of outdoor treat options. Popsicles, ice cream bars, and other frozen desserts are always better outside—the

FlexFridge makes that easier than ever.

USB Charging Ports

If you’re carrying around a portable battery, you might as well use it as a charging station too! The FlexFridge doubles as a spot to plug in your phone, tablet, or USB-charging capable device. Imagine: your devices lasting the entire day!


Those are the features we have confirmed so far. There may be more feature announcements to come, so make sure to check in later and see!

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