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May 19

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FlexFridge Snacks in the Office



Snacking gets a lot of flak. Dieters will often try and cut it out, and work-centric people generally don’t think to bring them. To both of these groups: shame on you! Healthy snacks are a fantastic way to keep your motivation going, your hunger at bay, and the dreaded afternoon crash away for good. Some foods are better than others. So we thought we’d ask: what are some of the best office snacks?




You’ll probably want to throw these in a mini-fridge (a FlexFridge perhaps?) but blueberries are flat out good for your brain. Research shows that they help school kids with concentration and memory—they can help you too! You can eat them alone, throw them in a fruit bowl, or blend them into a smoothie. Get those antioxidants flowing!



Not all nuts are created equally, but overall nuts are a safe bet! Nuts contain fats (the good kind,) proteins, minerals, and vitamins. It’s easy to keep a bunch of assorted nuts next to you throughout the day, and they’re a great pick-me-up. Just don’t eat too many! They’ve got a surprising amount of calories, and are way too easy to overdo.


Protein Shakes


Another option for offices sporting a FlexFridge! Protein shakes are a great way to get that necessary protein without stopping for a snack. You can prepare the shake in the morning and throw it in your office’s fridge, or just keep the powder by your desk and bring in a shaker cup. Protein is a great way to keep your energy going. Plus, depending on what you put in the shake, it’s totally healthy for you!


Hard Boiled Eggs


These take a little more preparation, but they’re incredibly easy to eat once you’ve done the work. Just throw some hard boiled eggs into a container in the fridge, and you’ll have a high-protein, vitamin-filled snack that you can peel open whenever you want. Like the blueberries, you’ll want to make sure they stay refrigerated

There are plenty more healthy options you can bring to work to keep your energy levels up! The sky is the limit. Do some research and find out exactly what kinds of foods will help you best. Just don’t skip on the snacks! In moderation, they’re a great way to keep yourself in the zone. So put down that third cup of coffee, and grab a snack. 


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