FlexFridge Vs. Cooler

May 13

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Why Not Just Use a Cooler?

This is one of the biggest questions we get at FlexFridge. It also happens to be one our favorites. The FlexFridge mini fridge is being built for a lot of reasons (portability, convenience, functionality,) but its ability to replace a cooler is part of the reason we think it’s such a cool product. People are always trying to figure out ways to make their coolers last longer.  There are an infinite number of sites telling people how to keep the ice in their coolers alive.

The FlexFridge lets you skip that process altogether. We’re shooting for truly mobile refrigeration, here!  If you don’t believe the FlexFridge is the better choice, we’ll go ahead and lay out the facts for you. See for yourself!


Coolers: Pros and Cons


  - Mobile

  - Easily stored

  - Weather-proof

  - No electricity needed


 - Need to buy ice

 - The dreaded hand-plunge

 - Ice melts

 - Everything inside gets soaked

 - Cold doesn’t last


FlexFridge: Pros and Cons


 - Mobile

 - Easily Stored

 - Weather-proof

 - Rechargeable battery

 - Consistent temperature

 - Freezer section

 - Doubles as an indoor mini-fridge


  •  - Need to charge after around 8 hours
  •  - Wheels can be tricky in some terrains
  •  - Not ideal for certain settings: small boats, camping trips with no outlets, etc.


Who Wins?

The numbers don’t lie! The FlexFridge has more pros and less cons than a cooler. Whether or not this was enough to convince you is another story, but we’re confident you’ll find the FlexFridge to be the better choice in most situations. If you’re interested in reading more about the FlexFridge, or contributing to our crowdfunding campaign, head on over to our homepage.

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