Tips for Throwing a Successful Holiday Party

May 6

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Holiday parties are usually a fun way to get people together and have some fun. Unfortunately, the stress of preparation can suck the fun out of the entire process. You’ve got to find the middle ground!  Here’s a pretty reliable checklist to keep your stress down. Hopefully, you can get your stress low enough to be having as much fun as the rest of your guests!

The Guest List

Don’t overload the space! Keeping the guest list as small as you can not only gives people breathing room—it makes your job less stressful all around. Make sure you have enough seating, too! The people at the party probably won’t end up sitting down all at once, but nobody will want to stand the entire time either!


If possible, use something like Evite or Facebook to keep track of whose coming. It will save you the time of sending out individual invitations, and it’ll give you a comprehensive list of guests. Don’t forget to include time, address, and other important details. Also, keep in mind that a “going” status on Facebook does not always actually mean “going.” Consider following up!


If you're preparing food, you might want to consider asking people to bring something of their own. It’s less work for you, and it makes for a wider variety of foods. You also should consider serving food that can be picked up and eaten: sandwiches, chips, pizzas, and burgers are good options if you’re keeping things casual. Don’t forget dessert! Check out your local grocery stores for home-made tasting options like cookies, cakes, or brownies. Guests can supply their own too!


Depending on the type of party, you’re generally safe with beer, soda, and water bottles. Go for safe brands that you’re confident people won’t turn their noses up at. Once you’ve bought everything, you can throw them in a mini-fridge, cooler, or leave them out with a bucket of ice and solo cups. As you might suspect, we recommend wheeling in a portable fridge. It’s definitely easier than lugging in the mini-fridge from your attic!

If it’s something a little above casual, grab some wine and wine glasses too. Raid your liquor cabinets and put out a little display. People will appreciate the attention to their preference.


Unless you’re a self-proclaimed DJ, you may want to set up an IPod or Mac with a pair of speakers. Internet radio stations are generally pretty good at setting the mood. Try Last. FM, Pandora, or Apple Music. If you’d prefer guests have some control, Spotify might be your best bet.




Once everything’s set, try not to micromanage too much! Enjoy your company, thank them for coming, and relax. If you’ve prepared properly, things will probably go fine. If they don’t, you’re probably the only one who notices! 

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