5 Kitchen Appliances You Actually Need

Apr 22

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There are plenty of small kitchen appliances that claim to make your culinary life a bit easier. Some of them work, some... not so much. It’s important to keep the staples in mind, especially if you’re just moving out of home or are starting your kitchen supplies from scratch.

Here are the top 5 list small kitchen appliances you’ll definitely need, no frills attached.

Food Processor


A food processor is mainly used for cutting and slicing fruits and vegetables. It also works well for combining ingredients into a recipe. It’s a ridiculously versatile machine. It can cover: cutting, chopping, and grinding and mixing.  Careful, though! If there is too much liquid in a food processor, it can leak or burst out. If you’re looking to mix liquids, a blender is a better option.



Blenders are great for mixing liquid ingredients, but can also be used to mix solids. Ever consider eating a hassle? Just throw it all in a blender and boom: liquid food.  Blenders let you make smoothies, creamy soups, sauces, drinks and, of course, milkshakes. So whether you’re looking for a great dessert after a meal or a quick way to chug some extra Kale in the morning—a blender is a must have.

Coffee Maker


Save yourself the painful process of emptying your wallet at Starbucks every morning and buy a coffee maker. There are countless options, and for the beginner it can feel overwhelming. If you’re just starting, look into basic machines for a regular old cup of Joe. Even if you don’t drink coffee, you may want to consider buying one; your guests probably will!

Microwave Oven


C’mon. You knew this. A kitchen without a microwave is a scary place, so take a moment and find a decent one.  Between defrosting, reheating, and even baking, a microwave is one of the biggest necessities for any kitchen. You can always Google the best deals on microwaves, but a trip to any store with kitchen supplies can work just as well.

Compact Fridge


If you need more fridge space or are looking to keep your personal food separate from roommates, you might want to consider a mini-fridge. Alternatively, compact fridges can even replace refrigerators entirely if you plan well and live alone. While not necessarily a staple, it’s worth considering. Especially if you’re the kind of person that keeps buying more food. 

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