Living in a Small Apartment? Go for a FlexFridge

Mar 31

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Apartment Mini Fridge

Houses are most people's biggest purchase. But when it comes to retirement planning, a house often falls to the bottom of the list. Many retired people with full-blown pensions are not willing to spend their hard-earned money on big houses with three floors. Living in a smaller apartment becomes a more appealing choice for older people.

A good fridge is one of the most important pieces of equipment a person could buy. If you're going the small apartment route, though, a standard size fridge may not be the best choice. Thus, to fulfill the need of a good fridge without worrying it taking over the whole space, we recommend you check out the FlexFridge, a compact and portable solution for fridge.

FlexFridge saves Space

FlexFridge saves space due to its patented 4 cubic feet mini design for small apartments that need to use every square foot. FlexFridge is also very useful in social areas because your guest doesn't need to move constantly for refreshments between the kitchen and the lounge.

FlexFridge saves Energy

FlexFridge saves energy consumption because of its proper design from the outset. FlexFridge mini fridges are energy efficient. Most of FlexFridge mini fridges come with energy star rating, which certifies that these mini fridges are energy-efficient products and will help you save money and protect our climate.  

Why do we suggest FlexFridge Mini Fridges?

You can put it in the room where you serve guests, or put it in your office.  It’s quite easy to carry the fridge from room to room. You can also take it with you while you are going out for a long drive or picnic due to its 8 hours of rechargeable battery life.

It is also the best option for student hostels since students use their fridges much more often. So if you’re searching for a compact fridge that performs well for a long time, FlexFridge mini fridge is the best choice.

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