What to Bring to the Dorms

Feb 4

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Dorm Room Mini Fridge

Going off to college is huge! It means different things to different people, but for the majority of college-bound high schoolers it means freedom. You’re going to live on your own; possibly for the first time ever! 

Many schools require their students to stay in the dorms for at least a couple years, which means you need to be prepared!  Living in a dorm means staying right on campus, near professors, classes, and other university resources. It's social experience like no other. However, living in a dorm also means less space. It’s important to make every inch count. Countless freshmen arrive at the dorms lugging massive boxes and suitcases only to discover that they brought too much. Don't be that freshman!

Here are some often-forgotten essentials you should take to the dorm.



The dorm lighting is generally just an overhead light, which can make for plenty of spotty or unreliable lighting. Thus, a bed clip light or desktop light would be very helpful. Floor lamps are also something to consider for a more general lighting throughout the room.

Laundry Stuff

The dreaded laundry. For many, it will be a first. For others, a weekly reminder of their own freedom. Make sure to bring products like laundry baskets, ironing boards and detergent. Most dorms offer some form of built-in laundromat, so consider yourself lucky for now!

A Safe

We all want to trust our roommate. But you never know who will be meandering through your dorm room on any given day. You might not have any privacy at all! With a safe locker, your document, laptop, passport and other valuables can be kept safe. You may also want to consider locking your laptop to your desk when you leave your room. You can't be too safe!

Dorm Mini-fridge

A mini-fridge is easily portable, and is one of the items that every dorm room needs. Although most bedrooms have a communal kitchen with a microwave and sink, you'll have to bring your own mini-fridge to keep your drinks cold and other food fresh. It helps for saving leftovers too--nobody wants to eat on campus for every meal.

Shower Caddy


Everybody's shower experience is slightly different, but you might want to bring a shower caddy for your own showering essentials. It's hard to tell what you're setup will be, so you might as well play it safe and grab one!

Obviously there are plenty of other things you'll want to bring.  Google around for a more complete guide.


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