5 Ways You Can Use a Mini-Fridge

Feb 2

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Portable Mini Fridge

"Why a mini-fridge?" you may be asking. "Surely I could just settle for a regular one!" Yes, a mini-fridge technically just a smaller version of the conventional refrigerator. Bigger isn't always better though. In fact, a mini-fridge might be more appropriate for plenty of scenarios. We asked the question: How many ways can you use a mini-fridge?

Whether it's a space-constrained households, college dorm room, or a garage you want to fit with some extra cooling space, mini might just be the better choice. You could even consider putting it in the bedroom, so you don’t have to return to the kitchen for the inevitable midnight snacks. Can you imagine throwing a full-sized fridge in the bedroom? Not a pretty message.


Mini-fridges make moving easier; nobody likes lugging around a giant fridge. It practically takes up half of the moving truck! If you can make just a mini-fridge work in your living situation, you'll probably find that the inevitable moving day is that much easier. 

Energy Saving

Mini-fridges, as one might expect, consume way less energy than a traditional refrigerator. The reason's pretty simple: less space to cool means less electricity. That also means less money spent on bills, which leads us to our next point...

Money Saving

As we said earlier, a mini-fridge will let you save on electricity bills. But there are other inadvertent ways it helps you save. First, there's the up-front price. That's likely to be much, much lower. Less obviously, though, is the limitations a mini-fridge can create. With a small fridge, you're much less likely to store an excess of leftovers that will just get thrown out anyway. If you're lacking in the self-control department, a mini-fridge may just be for you.

Extra Space

Maybe money's not the issue; maybe you have a family to feed, and you need more space in your fridge ASAP! Well, look no further than a mini-fridge. Stick in in the garage, the basement, the bedroom--wherever you need to make sure all your food stays cold!

So sure, there are plenty of reasons to consider a full-scale refrigerator. But like we said: bigger isn't always better! Sometimes a mini-fridge might be a better solution; or, at the very least, a great supplement to your main fridge. 

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